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Walking is priceless, and with your help, Laith will be able to save his leg and avoid amputation (stage 1 operation)

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Laith needs an urgent operation on his left leg, and his treatment will be in two stages. The first stage (5,000 JOD) will include eliminating the osteitis, removing the dead bone mass and installing an external fixation device called Ilizarov, a device used to treat complex fractures, lengthen bones and correct limb deformities. Then, he will be given antibiotics intravenously for three months. The second stage (7,000 JOD) includes reconstruction of tissues and bones with lengthening the leg.


*Special thanks to The Specialty Hospital for the discounted price they granted to Laith.


Laith’s treatment plan is very expensive, and his family cannot afford any of its costs. He needs JOD 12,000 for all stages of treatment, and this is after the discount given to him by The Specialty Hospital. But walking is priceless, and with your help, Laith will be able to save his leg and avoid amputation. For now, we are raising funds for Laith’s first stage of the operation which will cost 5,000 JOD. 


Laith is 34 years old and has a disability rate of 80% in his left leg. He never thought that a simple fracture in his leg as a result of slipping on the stairs would lead to advanced stages of treatment later. Few days after placing the cast on his leg, Laith began to feel unbearable pain, and after a medical examination, it became clear that there was a chronic infection in his upper left leg. That is when Laith’s challenging journey began, where he underwent the first operation to remove the bone decay by removing 15 cm of bone and transferring a muscle from his back to the leg itself. Then he underwent surgery to implant a bone skewer in his leg and new bone in the place of the removed bone, developing the tendon. Laith suffers from an obvious limp while walking and is unable to stand for long periods or walk long distances. Laith still needs to perform other operations to remove the inflammation in his leg, and his treatment can take up to two years.

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