About Tadamon

Tadamon is a technology enabled NGO inspired by effective altruism that delivers charitable donations directly to people in need with ZERO organizational expenses deducted. Tadamon is the first of its kind platform which verifies individual charity cases in Jordan. All cases are displayed on a single online platform (mobile app and website) for donors to donate online and track their impact. All cases go through a rigorous verification process to ensure its credibility, and types of support include health aid (surgeries, medication, medical equipment), education, nutrition, housing, and more.
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About the Founders

Samih Toukan
Samih Toukan
In 2000, Samih founded and served as the CEO of Maktoob.com, the world’s first Arabic email and largest Arab online community. In 2005, Samih co-founded Souq.com, the largest e-commerce site in the Middle East. In 2009, Maktoob was acquired by Yahoo! and in 2017 Souq.com was acquired by Amazon in one of the largest technology acquisition deals in the history of the region.
Amir Shihadeh
Amir Shihadeh
Since his early 20s, Amir has been involved in both the corporate and humanitarian fields where he established various businesses and NGOs. This unique combination adds much value to the work done by Amir, resulting in deep insight on various perspectives.
Hussam Khoury
Hussam Khoury
Hussam co-founded Maktoob.com in 2000 and Souq.com in 2005 and assumed leadership roles in both until their exits. Maktoob was acquired by Yahoo in 2009 and Souq was acquired by Amazon in 2017. These two exits were the most notable technology acquisitions in the history of the region.

Our Values

A World of
True Altruism
Immediate Circles
Power of Charity
Returning to
Core Human Values

Our Partners

We’re Bank al Etihad, a financial institution that’s proud to be Jordanian. Built on family values, we see every customer as one of our own, and make it our business to help wherever we can.


For us, empowerment is everything. That’s why we work with individuals, entrepreneurs, local and global businesses, and the next generation of female leaders, so they can succeed the way they want to. It will always be our goal to help people shape their future.

The exit of Souq to Amazon in 2017 was one of the largest tech transactions of the region. Souq was built from the ground up by the same team at Jabbar, who built the Maktoob portal before that. Maktoob was born out of a simple idea but with a vision that the Arabic Internet will grow and become an integral part of everybody's life, and grew to become the largest Arabic Internet property before Yahoo acquired it in 2009.


Both the Souq and Maktoob stories have become inspiring success stories in the region, where budding entrepreneurs and VC's alike, look to Jabbar's team for inspiration and new ideas. Today Jabbar continues to grow and pave the way for tech in the region. It is in this spirit that Jabbar embraces any entrepreneur who is willing to innovate and take risks in order to create something great. Jabbar nurtures such individuals and supports nascent ideas that are in line with its mission.