Celebrate your birthday by giving back
Turn your party into a fundraiser for those in need

At Tadamon, we believe that every celebration can be an opportunity to make a difference. In addition to receiving traditional gifts on your birthday, why not set up a birthday fund and donate the collected amount to charity? Here’s how you can turn your special day into a beacon of hope for others:

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Create your Birthday Fund: Set up your personalized birthday fund page with us. This page will be visible to your guests only, allowing them to contribute directly to your fund.
  2. Invite Guests to Donate: Share the link to your birthday fund page with your friends and family. In addition to bringing gifts, they can make a donation to support meaningful charity cases.
  3. Make a Difference: After your birthday, the total amount collected will be donated to the charity cases you care about. Whether it's education, healthcare, housing, or nutrition, your generosity will bring positive change to those in need.

Why Choose a Birthday Fund?

  • Share the Joy: Spread the happiness of your birthday by helping others. Every contribution from your guests will support a worthy cause.
  • Create Lasting Memories: Celebrate your birthday in a way that will be remembered forever. The impact of your generosity will resonate far beyond your special day.
  • Feel Good Factor: Knowing that your celebration is making a real difference will add an extra layer of joy to your birthday.

Start your birthday fund today!

Turn your party into a fundraiser for those in need