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Sarah's father is unable to pay the accumulated university tuition fees; and as a result, Sarah can no longer continue her education

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The accumulated amount of unpaid university tuition fees over the years for Sarah’s degree of Journalism and Media at the Middle East University is 1,853 JOD. Sarah will not be able to sit for her final exams for this semester until a partial payment from the required amount is paid. Sarah's father said that he can only afford to cover 300 JOD due to his financial capabilities.


When Sarah was forced to postpone an entire academic year due to the unavailability of the tuition amount, she had to pay 200 JOD for each semester, and this increased the amount accumulated on her.





Sarah is 21 years old. The eldest daughter in her family and a role model to her younger brother. Sarah did not give up despite the hard financial situation her family faces and insisted on continuing her education at the university, majoring in Journalism and Media at the Middle East University.


Sarah finished her high school education (Tawjihi) in 2019 and registered directly at the university. She got a discount on study hours, so the cost per hour became 34 JOD instead of 60 JOD. She finished 27 study hours in the first year with a cumulative average of 3.89%, and then she postponed two full years because her father was unable to provide university tuition. Sarah returned again in the year 2022 and registered at the university for the first semester of the second year for 15 hours, but she was unable to pay the full amount for the installment before the final exams. Therefore, the university dropped one subject and allowed Sarah to present the final exams for the other four subjects as long as she pays part of the tuition fees. This affected Sarah's university grades which decreased her GPA to 3.22%.


Sarah did not give up and enrolled 15 hours in the current second semester of the second year and is now committed to her studies to raise her GPA.


Sarah's father strives and does everything he can to support her daughter in her education, but because his income is limited from his job of being a security guard, the cost of the university fees exceeds his financial capabilities. Besides that, Sarah’s Father is the only breadwinner for the family, who has basic monthly obligations that must be covered.

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