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Qusai was born with painful feet deformity, he needs surgery to save his ability to walk now and in the future

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Amount needed

Qusai needs JOD 4,000 for foot surgery (JOD 2,000 per foot), including the cost of CT scans, examinations, anesthesia, medical supplies and equipment, hospital stay, and medical staff fee.  This amount is a very generous discounted rate from Specialty Hospital and their team.




How can you help?

Qusai’s family lives in abject poverty. They have no insurance, no stable income, and can barely cover the cost of housing, electric bills, water, and food. Their father is a day laborer and makes a maximum of JOD 10 a day. They need help securing the cost of Qusai’s urgent surgery so he can walk again.


In order for Qusai to be able to walk again due to his current condition, he needs this corrective surgery as soon as possible, before it’s too late. He is currently unable to walk due to severe pain. 

Qusai's Story

Qusai was born with a congenital deformity where both his feet were oriented wrong and therefore pointing inward, which made walking both difficult and painful. In January of 2011, when he was only 2 years old, he underwent an operation to help him walk, but his condition got worse two months ago and he is no longer able to walk, suffering from excruciating pain. Qusai's doctor diagnosed his case and said his bones are loose, and he needs a new surgery as soon as possible or else the damage will become irreversible, losing his ability to walk permanently.

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