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After two unsuccessful surgeries to her left hand, and almost 5 years of pain, let’s extend a hand to conduct Aasia’s third surgery

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1500    Surgery to the hand

  120    Physical therapy (12 sessions)

    16    X-Ray





Aasia is 54 years old, her husband died and she was not blessed with children, henceforth she is left alone with no one to take care of her in her old age. What happened with Aasia was unpredictable and unfortunate. While she was walking, she stumbled and fell to the ground on her left hand (the area between the forearm and the wrist with the palm), which was twisted behind her back. Immediately, she went to the hospital due to the severity of the pain. After taking a picture of her hand, it was discovered that the wrist bone was fragmented. Accordingly, she was admitted for an urgent operation in which a rod was inserted. Unfortunately, it failed, even worse it resulted in some grievous and tragic side effects, such as atrophy in the fingers and the inability to move her hand at all.


Despite going through this misery, she did not give up, she underwent a second operation to install plates. Unfortunately, and opposite to her expectations, the operation was not successful, as it turned out that the size of the plate was larger than the size of her hand. Damage resulted as the bone grew above the unfit plate, causing an unbearable pain that gradually increased until Aasia was no longer able to sleep peacefully except when taking painkillers. Consequently, the plate was removed and she resorted to physical therapy and underwent approximately 50 sessions. She started to feel better, as she was able to move her hand a little.


After Aasia consulted an orthopedic doctor at The Specialty Hospital, it was found that she suffers from an inability to move the fingers of the left hand and severe pain in the wrist. Thus, there is paralysis in the tendons of the fourth and fifth fingers. The surgery will transfer the hand tendons from the backside to the front.


Aasia is an independent and self-reliant woman and has her own work that she depends on, but after the accident, she was no longer able to work because of the severe pain and limitations forced into her life by the injury. Consequently, she is gradually losing her job and unable to provide her own income; thus her condition is worsening by the day. Please help Aasia to regain her ordinary life.

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