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Undergoing droopy eyelid lift surgery protects Retal from the risk of definite lazy eye fatigue in her left eye

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The amount includes the cost of the surgical procedure for Retal under general anesthesia to correct the drooping eyelid in her left eye. During the operation, the eyelid will be lifted to improve vision. Failure to undergo the surgery may result in confirmed visual impairment later on.



Retal’s STORY   


Retal, 6 years old, lives with her mother and siblings, while her father works as a daily-wage blacksmith. However, work is no longer as consistent as before due to low demand, resulting in unstable income.


When Retal's mother gave birth to her, everything seemed fine, but as days passed, she noticed that Retal's left eyelid drooped downwards and appeared lax. An operation was performed on her when she was one and a half years old, aiming to protect her eye from developing lazy eye syndrome. Unfortunately, the eyelid remained the same, and her parents couldn't afford another surgery afterward.


As Retal grew older and started attending school, she faced continuous teasing and bullying from her peers. This greatly affected her psyche, despite her mother's efforts to build her confidence. Retal still sees herself as different from others, even though she's encouraged to embrace her uniqueness

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