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Striving remains the only way to achieve the dream and the aspiration that Razan is moving towards

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This amount helps Razan continue her studies for the second semester at Princess Tharwat College for the year 2024.



280   16 Academic hours

241   Transportation to the college (daily/for 5 months)


*** Razan eventually registered 11 hours only, and she was able to secure all the amount except for 56 JOD.



Razan, 21 years old. Her life is filled with challenges and difficulties, but with strength and determination, she remains standing despite suffering from an enlarged kidney, which makes her unable to practice her daily life normally. However, she completed her 12th-grade “literary stream” in 2022 and was unable to continue her studies consecutively. Things became easier for her later, so she enrolled in one of the colleges, after which she decided to transfer to Princess Tharwat College to complete the same specialization, which is Family Counseling And Empowerment. She chose this specialization to allow her to learn and develop herself without the need for great effort due to her health condition. She has almost finished the first semester by passing 24 hours of study with a grade of 75%.


Despite all these challenges, Razan's hope remains. She aspires to graduate and find a job that suits her health condition, giving her a chance for a decent life and a better future. Razan looks forward to the hands of salvation that might extend to help her bear the burden of university tuition, which is an obstacle for her.

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