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Saud is the only son to his parents who gave birth to him at a late stage of their life, but he suffers from Down syndrome

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This is the remaining installment to be paid to the Bunayat Center for Special Education for Saud for the current school year 2023. This includes occupational and speech therapy, academic services, meals, and transportation.





Saud is 15 years old. His father and mother are elderly and he is their only child. Saud suffers from a permanent intellectual disability (Down Syndrome).


Saud's father does not work because of his health condition, and the family's economic situation is very poor. Saud's mother is the only breadwinner for them, and she does her best in work, through which she gets a very low salary; which is barely enough to cover the monthly expenses of the family. 


Her love for her only son, Saud, and securing his basic needs for education is an essential part of her life, but she cannot cover the cost alone from her low salary. She needs help to complete the tuition for the current year 2023.


Saud was enrolled in the Bunayat Special Education Center in 2017, where he needed occupational and speech therapy and training in independence skills and self-care, all of which he learned in the Kindergarten department. Then he moved to the School department, and he is currently in the second group. After one semester, Saud will move to the third department. 


The center consists of three departments: Kindergarten (age from 6-11 years), then school (age from 12-17 years), followed by vocational training (age from 18 years-30).

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