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Sadeen laughs but is shy & diffident in front of her peers due to severe Dental Attrition in her upper & lower teeth

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Sadeen, a child, needs treatment for her upper and lower front teeth. This includes Dental Implants (6321 | 1236), Deep Gum Cleaning, and Dental Fillings for her Molars (6 | 6), which will cost 2,700 JOD. This will be conducted at Specialty Hospital.

*** Sadeen’s fundraising amount has been lowered from 2,700 JOD to 1,450 JOD. Read further about this in the Case Update.




While baby Sadeen, now 15 years old, was teething, her milk teeth were white in color and healthy as ever, and stayed the same until she completed teething and had a full set of healthy milk teeth. When she began replacing her milk teeth with permanent ones, like all kids do, a problem surfaced: her teeth’s composition was different and very thin while their shape was almost triangular, which prevented her from eating and enjoying food, and gave her a continuous pain as a companion, especially at night. All of which had a great impact on her mentality and psych, since then and till the present day.


Consequently, her confidence and self-esteem were affected, no longer strong among her friends and peers at school, so now she is ashamed when she laughs and covers her mouth with her hands.


Sadeen lives in a modest house with her parents and four siblings. Due to her father’s illnesses, which range from heart disease to kidney dialysis, he is no longer able to work to support his family's needs. His supervising physician advised him to take a permanent leave and abstain from carrying heavy objects. The only sources of income left for the family are the wages Sadeen’s mother gets from selling her home-made delicious cakes which she prepares with love, as well as the basic income received from the Ministry of Social Development, both of which are barely enough to pay the family's bills and rent each month.

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بالشفاء يا رب
Insha'Allah soon you'll be smiling brighter than ever!! =)
Insha'Allah you'll be smiling bigger and brighter than ever before you know it!! =)
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