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Remas needs a corneal transplant in her right eye to see again after being exposed to severe chemical burns.

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Remas needs a corneal transplant to be able to see with her right eye again, and thankfully her family has an exemption from the Royal Hashemite Court, and they can cover all costs of the operation: from the surgeon’s fees and the anesthesiologist’s fees to the hospital stay, all at the Jordanian Royal Medical Services. However, the cornea needs to be ordered and supplied by the Jordan Eye Bank, since the exemption doesn’t cover its cost, which is JOD 1,200. It needs anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months - or even up to 1 year - to become available for the procedure. Further, eye drops for 100 JOD are needed prior and after the surgery to moisten the eye.




Remas’ father suffers from debilitating mental health issues due to his being deaf and mute his entire life, and therefore cannot provide for his family. Her mother can no longer work as she takes care of her husband and their six children. They receive a modest income from social security that helps them get groceries, pay their bills and their rent, but their priority right now is to help Remas secure a corneal transplant for her right eye, and then another operation to treat the deformities in her hand and left leg in the near future.




Remas is part of a family of 8. Her father has been deaf and mute since birth, which has taken a toll on his mental health. By the time he reached his 30s, he developed a mental health disorder and could no longer work. Remas’ mother cannot work anymore because she takes care of her husband and her family, especially Remas who can no longer see with her right eye. Remas suffered from chemical burns from using cleaning products, which led to permanent damage to her cornea. She also got into a car accident when she was only 4 years old, which led to severe damage in her left leg and other health issues. Remas has only one brother who works and can help provide for the family; the rest depend on a modest monthly income from social security and some help from national aid and donations.

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