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Aysha's seven-year struggle will come to an end with the arrival of relief through a corneal transplant, restoring her vision

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Aysha needs a corneal transplant surgery to regain vision in her right eye. Thankfully, her family has received exemption from the Royal Court, covering all costs related to the surgery: surgeon fees, anesthetist fees, and accommodation at the King Hussein Medical Center. However, the cornea itself needs to be imported through the Jordan Eye Bank, as it is not covered by the exemption. Importing the cornea could take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, and sometimes up to a year, before it becomes available for the surgery. Additionally, she requires lubricating eye drops before and after the operation.



1200   Cornea for the right eyes

  100   Lubricating eye drops

  100   Transportation to and from King Hussein Medical Center




Aysha, at the age of 15, no longer finds spring beautiful despite its charm adorning the earth with various shades of greenery and flowers. She no longer perceives all of this beauty around her due to her severely weakened vision, to the extent that she sees shadows. This condition stems from her struggles with spring allergies since the age of 8, when her eyes began to redden excessively, accompanied by severe itching. Initially, she only used eye drops to alleviate the symptoms. However, after four years, during one of her medical check-ups, it was discovered that both of Aysha's eyes had significantly reduced visual acuity, with advanced keratoconus in both corneas. She now requires a corneal transplant, with priority given to her left eye, which is the most affected and completely blind.


Due to Aysha's declining vision, she left school when she was in the third grade, at the age of 8. She should currently be in the ninth grade, but she chose to avoid bullying from her schoolmates since she couldn't see the whiteboard, and consequently, she would not be at the same academic level as her peers.

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