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After her home being burned down, we can now support Rajaa to return to her fixed house

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730   Fridge (528 Litre) 

550   Couch and side-table set

420   Washing machine

390   TV

350   Dining table

350   Stove

200   Two beds (single size)

180   Wardrobe

160   Kitchen range hood (suction)

130   Gas heater

130   Bed mattresses

100   Water cooler 

  85   Microwave oven

  80   Vacuum cleaner

  75   Water heater

  70   Carpet

  70   Two blankets

  65   Pans and pots

  65   Sink faucet

  60   Bathroom faucet & shower head

  55   Plates, cups, spoons and other cutlery

  50   Food grocery

  45   Gas cylinder

  40   Curtains

  25   Water filter maintenance

  20   Bed sheets

  10   Pillows


We aim to return Rajaa’s house with the same equipment and appliances she previously had.

*** The amount of this case has been reduced to 3,085 JOD as explained in the Case Update. 




Rajaa’ is a 38 year old widow living in a humble home with her four children. Four months ago, her home caught a destructive fire and burned down due to an electrical short. Ever since, she and her family have been alternatingly and temporarily housed at her brothers’ despite the kids’ school and Rajaa’s workplace being located in her original area of residence, leaving her family inconvenienced and dispersed. All of which increased her financial burdens, by adding unexpected transportation expenses between the different locations.


The fire destroyed most of the apartment which was reduced to ashes overnight. However, the kind and gracious people who live nearby, extended a helping hand to Rajaa’ to restore the apartment’s walls, tiles and kitchen, leaving her to sort out furniture and basic electrical appliances.


After the trauma her children experienced as a result of the fire that wrecked the home they shared so many memories in with their deceased father, Rajaa's wishes are that her life returns to the stability she once experienced, that she returns home, and that she once more sees the smile on her children's faces.

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