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Through Khoyoot Initiative, about 25 women will be able to generate a monthly income for themselves and their families

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Khoyoot is in the process of developing a new product line that will be managed by the women in the Baqaa Camp after receiving free embroidery training sessions from top embroidery trainers. This line will encompass tailoring and embroidery services provided by the women, serving as a sustainable source of income for them. 


The amount to be raised covers the training course with a duration of 2 months where 10-14 women are trained with details as follows:


  1. Training the women by a professional tutor 
  2. Material needed for the training session (each women will receive her own kit including fabric, scissors, needles, embroidery hoop, threads)  
  3. Material for the new product line  
  4. Print packaging material for the product line





Jordan is home to the largest population of Palestinian refugees in the region. Khoyoot Initiative is dedicated to enhancing economic empowerment for women in refugee camps in Jordan, preserving culture, and fostering societal participation.


Khoyoot Initiative concentrates on forming partnerships with women in the Baqa’a Refugee Camp, providing training in embroidery and tailoring. Guiding them through the entire process, from product creation to global sales, with each product line addressing significant issues in the camp such as poverty, early marriage, and education. Khoyoot’s mission is to enhance economic empowerment for women, improve their well-being by enabling work within the camp, delay marriage age, and support women economically, socially, and culturally. Additionally, Khoyoot aims to foster dialogue among children from diverse backgrounds, creating an environment of tolerance, acceptance, and cohabitation in sustainable livelihoods.


The initiative's primary focus is on women and homebound girls who are often forced to leave school by the age of 12 and married off as early as 15. High divorce rates among young girls are attributed to the burden of responsibilities they are not prepared for.


The women who finish the training course have the opportunity to join the Khoyoot team, and are assigned monthly embroidery tasks. Payment is provided upon completion of each piece, allowing them to work comfortably from their homes.

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