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Siblings Khabab and Yaqout Need Our Help to Commute to Their Kidney Dialysis Treatments, and Family Support is Needed

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1,698 JOD are needed to cover the medical fees for Khabab, Yaqout, and their family. The amount will cover their medical needs for 6 months. 




Your help is needed to cover Khabab and Yaqout’s transportation fees to and from their kidney dialysis treatments, three times a week, in addition to medications that they will be needing on a monthly basis. The financial details for the six months are as follows: 


 Transportation to and from hospital

  • Khabab: JOD 168/month (JOD 14 per round trip), totaling 1,008 JOD.
  • Yaqout: JOD 60/month (JOD 5 per round trip), totaling 360 JOD.


Extra Medical Fees

  • Khabab: JOD 20/month for 3 medications (Lasix 1.1  JOD, Biodal 8 JOD, Plagin 11.8 JOD), totaling 120 JOD.
  • Yaqout and her sister: JOD 29/month for insulin injections and strips for the blood sugar tests, totaling 174 JOD.
  • Mother: JOD 6/month for medicine related to high blood pressure, totaling 36 JOD.




Although Khabab has a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, he is unemployed due to his chronic kidney failure. He also suffers from an enlarged heart and water in the liver as a complication of the dialysis. Khabab’s sister, Yaqout, also suffers from kidney failure as well as severe diabetes. She was unable to pass her secondary degree (Tawjihi) due to her health condition but is nonetheless still trying to study in order to retake the exam. 


Both Khabab and Yaqout are receiving support that covers their kidney dialysis treatment, however, they are struggling to pay for the commute to and from the hospitals in which they receive their treatments three times a week. In fact, Yaqout walks to the hospital -a walk that takes about two hours- which often leads to her body breaking down and needing admission to the ICU. 


Their father and mother both suffer from health issues. Their father used to work as a dump truck driver, and the work has greatly affected his health, he therefore is unable to work anymore. He suffers from a hernia in the abdomen, erosion in the knees, white water in his eyes, and high blood pressure.

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