Shareef’s college enrollment was the first step in his marathon. Yet, he ran his way through to catch his dream of being a pharmacist



The amount comprises Sharif's registration tuition fees for nine academic hours in the pharmacy major during the summer semester of 2022/2023.



990  Tuition fees for 9 hours

175  Registration fee for the semester





The oldest of a family of three, 23-year-old Shareef has completed his Tawjihi (General High School Certificate) exams as a part of the Scientific cohort of 2019. He then enrolled in a Pharmacy Diploma at Arab Community College and achieved a GPA of 80.3%. He pushed himself to continue his studies and receive a bachelor degree in Pharmacy: a field he is passionate about. In 2022, he enrolled in Al-Zaytoona University of Jordan, where 40 credit hours from his diploma were applied toward the requirements for his bachelor's degree. His first semester saw him finish 15 credit hours, bringing his total number of credit hours  successfully finished to 55 out of 160. He is currently enrolled in his second semester, which consists of 16 credits.


Shareef wants to register for nine academic hours for the summer semester of 2022/2023. The cost of registration is 175 JOD, and the tuition fee per hour is 110 JOD.

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