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Sameera does everything in her power to ensure a decent living for her orphaned children after the loss of her husband

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Breakdown of the expenses for preparing and fixing Samira's house to make it more suitable for living with her children:


800    Cabinet and bed sets (4)

150    Gas cooker with five burners (fully renewed)

150    Maintenance of internal and external doors (including labor and materials)

120    Refrigerator (18 cubic feet, fully renewed with maintenance warranty)

100    House painting (including labor and materials)

100    Automatic washing machine (fully renewed with maintenance warranty)

100    Sofa set with center table (1, in excellent condition)

  50    Electrical wiring maintenance (including labor and spare parts)

  50    Plumbing maintenance (including labor and spare parts)

  50    Transportation and installation fees

  00    Carpets (2 pcs): Contribution from Dawirha bil Khair

  00    Bed covers (3 pcs): Contribution from Dawirha bil Khair





Sameera, 49 years old, is a widow and has become the sole provider for her three children after experiencing the tragedy of losing her husband. She resides in a poor neighborhood with her orphaned children, her eldest son who is married, along with his wife and child. They all live together in a very modest house devoid of even the most basic necessities they require. They rely on the income they receive from the National Aid Fund and occasional assistance from generous individuals.


Samira's house is in a dire state, and she lacks the means to maintain it or even provide for her children's needs. Through the efforts of Mohammad Abu Salim, the community contributor of the case and founder of the "Dawirha bil Khair" initiative, a thorough study was conducted about the family's situation after his visit to identify their basic and essential needs, considering the small size of the house and the circumstances of each family member.

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