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Ramzi's life turned upside down after he was involved in a car accident, resulting in a head injury

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Ramzi needs medical supplies to support his health and alleviate the financial burden on his wife for a duration of four months.



300   Medical bed with mattress

146   Quetapine medication for schizophrenia (one box per month)

  80   Diapers (price per pack is 10 JOD, each pack contains 14 pieces, two packs/month)

  40   Medical sheets (price per pack is 5 JOD, each pack contains 15 pieces, two packs per month)

  12   Delivery

  11   Lexotanil 3mg medication for anxiety (box per month)



Ramze, 38 years old, has four children. He used to provide for them, but now he's become dependent, unable to do anything, even take care of himself. His story goes back four years ago in 2020. He went abroad for work to improve his family's situation. He spent seven months abroad, but then had to return to Jordan. On the day of his journey back, he had a car accident that caused a head injury, completely altering his life's course. The accident plunged him into a coma for a week, but by the grace of God, he woke up. While in the hospital, he underwent surgery to stop brain bleeding until his condition stabilized, and he returned home safely to continue his ongoing treatment.


According to the medical report, Ramzi suffers from seizures due to the head trauma, difficulty walking, numbness in the limbs, and concentration issues. He's currently stable at home, taking prescribed medications, but his days and nights have become one. He can no longer provide for his family's basic needs or fulfill their monthly obligations. His wife is unable to work to stay by his side and take care of his health. Their situation has become extremely difficult.

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