Marah's suffering from epilepsy will be for life, but she can avoid seizures if she takes her medications
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This  includes the important medicines in order to avoid Marah going through seizures caused by epilepsy. Campaign will be for 6 months 



16.25   Kotral/ 1 syrup per month

13.45   Convulex/ 4 syrup per month

12.00   Diapers/ two packets per month



Marah, 13 years old, is an orphan from the Gaza Strip. Her mother relies on the income she gets from orphan sponsorships and individual charity to spend on her three children and also to cover the mandatory monthly expenses on her.


At the age of two, while Marah was walking and playing, she suddenly convulsed and her movements began to be abnormal. Her mother was surprised and took her to the doctor to find out the reason behind this. After the examination, it was found that what happened to Marah is that she has epilepsy resulting from quadriplegic cerebral palsy and suffers from cerebral spasms.


Epilepsy is a brain condition that causes children to have recurring, unexplained (without cause) seizures. These seizures occur as a result of sudden, abnormal activity in the brain. During this actual seizure, the child may temporarily lose awareness of their surroundings and may perform abnormal movements or behavior. The majority of seizures are between 30 seconds to 2 minutes and stop on their own.


Marah is 13 years old and has coped with her chronic illness, but she must stick to taking medications without interruption in order to avoid seizures. The doctor also recommended that she avoid getting upset and crying and that her temperature not rise.

Case updates
  • 2023-09-08
    Marah's mother received her daughter medicines and other supplies for the second month on 17 of AuguRead more
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