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Let’s secure a university seat for Asmaa’s last semester - as she aspires to work in the field she loves!

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Asmaa owes the university a total of 3,630 JOD for previous debt and the last semester she intends to enroll in. Tadamon will assist her by covering half of this due amount. Therefore, this amount of 1,815 JOD covers Asmaa's enrollment for 18 hours of study during her last semester at the university, as well as an outstanding amount  that her father was previously unable to pay.



878  Tuition fees for 18 credit hours
587  A portion from the outstanding amount (of 2,252)
350  Registration fee for the semester 






Asmaa's family consists of four people. Her father was a carpenter, but his health deteriorated due to a slipped disk - which prevented him from standing for long periods of time. Thankfully, he started receiving treatment and attended physical therapy sessions until he was able to walk again. He went back to work to provide for his family, especially for his youngest daughter Asmaa, who would eventually become the family's earner.


Asmaa's father couldn’t find a job with a fixed salary; therefore, he would take random tasks here and there to earn a living. However, due to high living expenses, the income he made was insufficient to pay all of his monthly responsibilities - in addition to the costs relating to Asmaa's university teaching.


After Asmaa completed Tawjihi in 2019, she enrolled in a private university in Amman with a major in English Language & Translation. Her cumulative grade is 3.12%, and she completed 114 of the 132 studying hours, leaving her with just one semester left to complete her education. Asmaa’s credit hour costs 48 JOD - which is a discounted rate from university (due to her financial condition).

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