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Help siblings Noor and Muhammad ease the financial burden of their diabetes management on their parents

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“I hope that everyone reading this can help us with the costs of the diabetes test strips and insulin syringes for my dearest son and daughter Muhammad and Noor. May God be with you always.” ~ Khadija, the mother




Both Muhammad and Noor need your help in securing diabetes test strips and insulin syringes for the next six months, as their cost has become a financial burden on their parents, and they can no longer afford to buy them.




Noor is 15 years old and is currently in the tenth grade. She started suffering while she was in kindergarten, where she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes: a chronic disease with no cure yet. As for Mohammed, he is 16 years old and has also been suffering from diabetes since he was seven years old. You can help their parents with the costs of their diabetes test strips and insulin syringes as the family does not have any stable source of income. Noor and Muhammad's father works as a painter with an unreliable income that barely covers the basic needs of the family.



Mohammad & Nour’s Story

Noor has suffered from severe fatigue and acidity in her blood for years, which forced her to go to the hospital often, but she has now learned to cope with her disease and has even learned how to give herself insulin on her own when needed. As for her brother, he is currently going through puberty and hormonal changes which have taken a toll on him as he has been feeling more fatigued than before. Their disease has been painful for the entire family, especially their mother, whose heart still aches for them every single day.

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