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Help Jaheda to breathe easily by contributing to her operation of excision of the nasal polyps (growths)

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This includes an operation to remove growths (nasal polyps) in the nose of young Jahida, which are causing her shortness of breath. It is a simple operation in which the patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day.





Jahida is a 6 year old child. Her father works as an electrician and after the COVID pandemic, his work demand became less, and therefore lower income and thus life conditions are no longer the same as before. The income that her mother gets from her work in preparing food has become the family's only source of income.


Two years ago, Jahida started suffering from shortness of breath, especially in the winter. After being diagnosed at Speciality Hospital, it became clear that she was suffering from growths and she needed surgery to remove the growths.


Growths are glands located on the top of the roof of the mouth and behind the nasal cavity. They look like small lumps of tissue in the nose. And the enlargement of the growths causes shortness of breath, and thus the sound of the breath is loud, with presence of a snoring sound. This also means breathing is through the mouth, so the lips dry up and the mouth smells unpleasant.

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