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Graduation Day, After Five Years of Dedication, Is What Rahaf Eagerly Awaits!

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Rahaf requires 67 JOD to obtain the university's clearance certificate, enabling her to receive her degree in Computer Systems and Networks Engineering.



Every individual's journey is a testament to their determination and resilience; Rahaf's story is no exception. At the age of 22, she shouldered the responsibility of caring for her elderly father, who battles the challenges of aging and profound intellectual and sensory impairments.


Rahaf's pursuit of knowledge has been unwavering. In 2019, she shone brightly in her scientific high school exams, achieving an 81.5% average. Fuelled by her passion for learning, she set her sights on a specialization that aligns with her ambitions, Computer Systems and Networks Engineering at Al-Balqa Applied University.


As the sun sets on her academic journey, Rahaf stands at the threshold of a new chapter. The final semester of 2022/2023 beckons, and she is diligently completing the remaining courses that will mark the completion of her degree – a total of 160 credit hours, all attained with a cumulative GPA of 2.73%.


But this isn't just about academics; this is about Rahaf's dedication to creating a brighter future for herself and her family. Her education is not a solitary pursuit – it's a foundation that will uplift her father, family, and community. With her impending graduation, Rahaf envisions stepping into the professional world, ready to make a positive impact and provide for her family's needs. Help her take the steps needed for this new journey.

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