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Every setback became a strong motivation for Ahlam not to give up on her dreams!

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Ahlam wishes to register for 15 credit hours in the first semester of her third year in the academic year 2023/2024.

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Ahlam means dreams in Arabic, as is her given name 21-year-old Ahlam is a dreamer; she believes her name gives her the strength to turn her dreams into reality. Ahlam’s family consists of five members, and her elderly father has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (quadriplegia) and has been unable to work for the past ten years.


Ahlam is a dedicated student who is known to exceed expectations; as she was preparing for the Tawjihi Exams, the Covid-19 Pandemic took over her dreams and the rest of the world. Her access to school material was limited due to the pandemic, and unfortunately, she did not achieve the score she was aiming for, so she retook the Tawjihi exams in which she scored an impressive 97%!


Ahlam's high score enabled her to receive a scholarship from a charitable organization, accordingly enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy major at the Jordan University of Science & Technology (JUST) in 2021; she just completed her second year and successfully completed 60 credit hours out of a total of 150, with a remarkable cumulative GPA of 3.40. She needs to sign up for 15 credit hours for the first semester of her third academic year, 2023/2024.


This is where we come in; we kindly ask you to generously stand by Ahlam, to provide her the opportunity to pursue her dream of becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy. By supporting her education, you are investing in a young individual who possesses the drive and passion to excel. Your contribution will directly alleviate her financial burden, ensuring she can continue her education without compromise.

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