Even though Jamal suffers from tight situations, he is content to accept God's will and destiny
Health Aid




350    Mattresses / 7 pieces

  75    Comforter covers /3 pieces

  75    Wheelchair

  35    Pillows / 7 pieces

  20    Walker

  10    Delivery 





Jamal, 65, lives with his family of seven. He was born with polio, so the physical disability he suffers from prevents him from working because he is crippled most of the time (unable to walk without a walking aid). After several operations were performed on his right leg, it became shorter, so he relies on the left leg to walk, even to go to the bathroom, and return to bed. To entertain himself occasionally, he uses the unstable two-wheeled chair he has when he needs to leave the house, of course with the help of his wife.


Among the identified candidates, Jamal’s name emerged, representing a family facing financial difficulties below the poverty line, indicating they require additional support to meet their basic needs. After contacting Jamal, he told us what he needed, and he did not ask for anything else, despite our attempts with him to mention any other needs.

Case updates
  • 2023-09-09
    The Tadamon team decided to personally deliver mattresses, pillows, and blankets to Jamal house on SRead more
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