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Amidst ongoing challenges, Amal pursues education, achieving top scores - a trailblazer in her family!

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Support Amal in registering for 9 credit hours at Philadelphia University, majoring in Hospital Management for the academic year 2023/2024



360 Tuition fees / 15 hours
100 Semester registration fees

Amal managed to secure 250 JOD out of the total amount of 710 JOD needed to start her university studies





Amal, a 25-year-old from the Jarash (Gaza) Refugee Camp, is living with her family of seven. Her academic journey began when she completed her high school exams with flying colors which secured her a scholarship, and enrolled in a specialized diploma program in Medical Records at Amman Training College. With an exceptional score of 91.3%, she graduated in 2020, ranking top of her class across the entire kingdom.


Amal aspires to study Hospital Management at Philadelphia University; they will credit 54 hours of her college coursework. This leaves her with two and a half years to accomplish her dream. Additionally, the cost per credit hour is lower, considering her status as a resident of Gaza. Each credit hour costs 40 JODs. Upon completing thirty credit hours (determining the scholarship she will receive), if her GPA remains above 90%, the cost per credit hour will be reduced to 20 JODs. Furthermore, the credit hours will be completely free if she maintains a GPA above 95%! She would only need to pay the semester registration fees.


Help Amal secure financial support for her education. With determination and exceptional grades, she aims to make her credit hours free. Your contribution can help Amal achieve her dreams in healthcare management. Join us in supporting her journey by donating today!

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