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“Himmetna” is Upgrading Jordan’s Healthcare Sector By Renovating 25 Medical Centers, Support Their First Phase!

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Tadamon is raising JOD 20,000 to help complete the rehabilitation and development of Princess Basma Center, which provides services to more than 20,000 low-income citizens a month, and works in conjunction with Al-Bashir Hospital. 


“Himmetna” is helping low-income citizens of  local communities in marginalized and remote areas by establishing the right of all patients to receive proper treatment fairly in a safe environment and under conditions that preserve their dignity and humanity. They’re upgrading and rehabilitating 25 public healthcare centers according to international health standards.


Himmentna  started with with Princess Basma Center in Amman and the work includes the following:  

  • Infrastructure
  • Demolition 
  • Construction
  • Medical planning design
  • Interior design 
  • Finishing
  • Furniture
  • Electricity
  • Mechanical and medical equipment works
  • Central air conditioning
  • Air filtering 
  • Medical equipment


Your contribution will also help reduce overcrowding in public hospitals such as Al-Bashir Hospital- which serves large areas and a huge number of people- so that small medical procedures (secondary care) can take place in health centers, thus allowing more complicated procedures to take place in hospitals.





Himmetna Charitable Association was established in February 2019. They strive to establish the right of all patients to receive proper treatment fairly in a safe environment and under conditions that preserve their dignity and humanity, by upgrading and rehabilitating healthcare centers according to international health standards.


Himmetna launched extremely impactful projects across Jordan that influenced the lives and wellbeing of large numbers of citizens. Himmetna has raised more than JOD 2,200,000 in funds so far, working on the public healthcare sector in Jordan. Their work encompasses the following projects: 

Project H1: Refurbishing the Oncology Department at Al-Bashir Hospital.

Project H2: The Specialized Therapeutic Isolation and Critical Care Department (King Hussein Medical Center).


They are currently working on their third project (Project H3) to rehabilitate and develop 25 medical centers in Jordan, reducing the influx of patients to public hospitals, which will improve the entire public healthcare sector in Jordan. 


Tadamon is a nation-wide crowdfunding platform that aims to encourage individuals to support their fellow humans to improve the conditions of their livelihoods and maintain their dignity. One of the areas Tadamon works on is giving access to excellent medical services to those in need, which is accomplished through our partnership with Speciality Hospital.


Partnering with Himmetna to help raise the needed funds will help give more citizens both excellent and accessible healthcare services across Jordan by improving health centers and the flow of patients to them, thus reducing the overcrowding in public hospitals.


As a crowdfunding platform, Tadamon as a partner will become one of the legitimate channels people use to support Himmetna along the fundraising process, since it is extremely user-friendly and easy to access and donate, in addition to having all the information of the campaign available on the platform and updates are sent out to users periodically. 

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